Santa Elena Ranch

American Red Brahmans That Excel In Production
Alfredo & Josephina Muskus
Madisonville, Texas USA

Established in 1959Santa Elena Ranch

VL Rojo Designer 5/16

VL Rojo Designer 5/16 has drawn the attention of cattlemen and judges over the past year due to his moderate build, structural soundness, depth of body, heavy muscle, and attractive package. Not only does 5/16 have the right build but he combines a curve bending performance profile that is low birthweight and high for the necessary traits of weaning weight, yearling weight, milk and ribeye area. To complete the script 5/16 offers one of the most proven pedigrees in the breed being sired by VL Rojo Designer 2/70 and out of +VL Elena 60/2 the former International Champion and dam of +VL 170/4 who was a former International and World Brahman Congress Champion. With his phenotype, proven pedigree, and production oriented performance profile there is no question that 5/16 will play a major role in our herd and around the world where Brahman cattle are required to produce meat & milk.


  • The production oriented option!
  • Former Show Winner

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+VL ELENA 108/6
Dam: +VL ELENA 60/2
+VL ELENA 4/135
Registration # 936957
Owner Santa Elena Ranch

Sire: VL Rojo Designer 2/70

Dam: + VL Elena 60/2 – 2005 International Grand Champion Female