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Alfredo & Josephina Muskus
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VL Rojo Tinto 3/180

VL Rojo Tinto 3/180 was a young bull when he claimed the prestigious International Grand Champion title in Houston. His pedigree is unmatched, starting with 12 Register of Renowned individuals with strong EPDs. 3/180 is the true definition of a Brahman bull as he exemplifies masculinity, breed character, muscle, and performance. He was an extremely well made, balanced bull with impressive muscle and eye appeal.

VL Rojo Tinto 3/180 has produced championship offspring. He sired VL Elena 10/9, the 2002 International and National Champion Cow, as well as VL Elena 155/4, the 2007 International Champion Red Brahman Female.

For 3/180, consistency is his best quality, and he is recognized as a trait leader for weaning weight and milking ability. He never sires a low quality calf. He sires low-birth weight calves that are very smooth shouldered, extremely correct, and always the top prospects in our calf crop.

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+Sophisticated Millionair
Sire: +VL Rojo Grande 0/170
+VL Elena 23/4
+Sophisticated Millionair
Dam: +VL Elena 0/180
+VL Elena 88/7
Registration # 716394
DOB 11/10/93
Owner Santa Elena Ranch
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2002 International Grand Champion Cow: VL Elena 110/9 (Daughter)

2007 International Grand Champion Cow: VL Elena 155/4 (Daughter)