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Alfredo & Josephina Muskus
Madisonville, Texas USA

Established in 1959Santa Elena Ranch

VL Rojo Elegante 80/2

VL Rojo Elegante 80/2 is a top performance son of +VL Rojo Bravo 6/125 and the +VL Elena 3/140, a superb cow in our ET program. 3/140, an 80/3 daughter, has proven to be a top producer and transmits high fertility, desired mothering ability and lots of growth. 80/2 is a dark red, tremendously heavy muscled bull. He has showed great fertility at young age, a trait that he will pass on his progeny.. His progeny spreads through Colombia, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. 80/2 is an extremely thick, structurally correct, masculine bull with great breed character and performance. He ranks in the top 1% for weaning and yearling weight, and the top 2% of the Brahman breed for marbling. We are excited to use 830 as a tool in our continued quest for carcass improvement


  • Sire of the 2015 National Reserve Grand Champion Female
  • All American Brahman Show, Champion Bull
  • Our most performance oriented sire ranking in the Top 5% of the breed for WW, YW, Milk, Hot Carcass Weight, Ribeye Area & Marbling

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VL Rojo Bravo 2/28
Sire: +VL Rojo Bravo 6/125
VL Elena 4/75
+Sophisticated Millionair
Dam: +VL Elena 3/140
VL Elena 86/7
Registration # 824582
DOB 5/1/02
Owner Santa Elena Ranch
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2,295 lbs4.331.846.713.2

Sire: VL Rojo Bravo 6/125

VL Rojo Bravo 44/7VL Rojo Bravo 44/7

Junior Champion – 2009 Houston Livestock Show