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Alfredo & Josephina Muskus
Madisonville, Texas USA

Established in 1959Santa Elena Ranch

VL Rojo Elegante 44/7

VL Rojo Elegante 44/7 has a very strong pedigree beginning with several register of renown, all with performance and excellent production records. He is a well-made bull with an impressive muscle frame and eye appeal plus a clean underline. His dam, VL Elena 155/4 was the 2007 International Grand Champion Cow. His sire, VL Rojo Elegante, 80/2 is a bull known for his accomplishment and performance World Wide. We recommend using him on medium to large frame cow. He will add bone structure, strong performance and eye appeal. VL Rojo Elegante 44/7 has strong individual performance EPD for Weaning and Yearling Weight.

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+VL Rojo Bravo 6/125
Sire: VL Rojo Elegante 80/2
+VL Elena 3/140
+VL Rojo Tinto 3/180
Dam: VL Elena 155/4
+VL Elena 4/136
Registration # 866262
DOB 4/5/07
Owner Santa Elena Ranch
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2475 lbs4.925.942.011.6

Sire: VL Rojo Elegante 80/2

Dam: VL Elena 155/4