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VL Rojo Bravo 2/28

2/28 offers a very stylish and muscular package. His pedigree carries some of the most popular, proven genetics of several generations. On his sire side, he goes back to Wards Bravo 1/09 and Warrior 666, an international champion. His dam is VL Elena 107/0, a very feminine and fertile cow. His calves are thick, deep in their quarters, stylish, and loaded with eye appeal. VL 2/28 has everything that will make the outcross sire for the red Brahman world. He has a great birth weight of 78 pounds, followed by a 575 pound weaning weight and 895 pound yearling weight. As a mature bull he stands 63.5 inches and weighs 2,350 pounds.


  • 2001 National Carcass Contest Trait
  • Leader for Ribeye Area and Overall Carcass Quality
  • Sire of National Champion Bull VL Rojo Bravo 6/125
  • Sire of Progeny with Outstanding Ribeye Area scores


We think 2/28 works best on large-framed cows with clean underlines. He produces medium frame cattle with large muscle, as well as strong top lines. His offspring are easy fleshing and he will sire calves sure to add to a commercial program’s bottom line.

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+Ward's Bravo 1/09
Sire: BR-GB Warrior 666
La Muneca 443
VL Rio Negro 3/107
Dam: VL Elena 107/0
VL Elena 8/62
Registration # 693824
DOB 3/15/92
Owner Santa Elena Ranch
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National Champion Bull VL Rojo Bravo 6/125 (Son)National Champion Bull VL Rojo Bravo 6/125 (Son)