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Alfredo & Josephina Muskus
Madisonville, Texas USA

Established in 1959Santa Elena Ranch

VL Rojo Apache 5/15

VL Rojo Apache 5/15 was one of the spotlights of our show string over the past three years as he won his class and division multiple times. Not only does he have the phenotype desired by cattlemen around the world being rugged made, deep ribbed, heavy muscled with ideal breed character but his performance profile indicates that he should produce offspring that hit all of the targets. 5/15 is sired by +VL Rojo Apache 1/150 who has sired winners around the world including the 2017 International Champion in the USA and a National & International Get of Sire title. To only strengthen this package is his dam +VL Elena 170/4 the Champion of the 2008 International & World Brahman Congress Shows. When you use 5/15 you will not only be injecting growth, maternal ability and carcass quality into your herd but some of the most productive females in the Brahman breed. We are extremely excited about this young sire and know that he is destined for greatness.


    • 2017 International Junior Champion Bull
    • Offers a breed leading pedigree
    • Produces fast growing, heavy milking, gentle, carcass oriented offspring

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KC Apache 707/4
Sire: +VL Rojo Apache 1/50
VL Elena 12/4
LB Mr. Windsor Manso
Dam: +VL Elena 170/4
+VL Elena 60/2
Registration # 936955
DOB 1/3/15
Owner Santa Elena Ranch