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VL Rojo Apache 1/50

VL Rojo Apache 1/50 is a medium-framed bull with exceptional muscling, bone, and conformation. His deep red color and eye appeal have caught the eyes of breeders around the world. He is truly a different kind of red bull that will propel Red Brahmans in the beef industry with his increased growth, muscle, and marbling ability. In addition, his daughters should be heavier milkers and reach puberty at an earlier age resulting in them producing more pounds of offspring over their lifetime. The sire of Apache 1/50 is KC Apache 707/4, an outcross to the traditional Santa Elena Ranch bloodlines. KC Apache 707/4 is a son of +BB Mr. Sting-Ray 10/0, the 2003 National Champion Red Brahman Bull & Three-time Red Show Bull of The Year. 1/50’s dam is VL Elena 12/4, a top producing donor for the ranch. She is known for her maternal ability, fertility and deep cherry color. Her pedigree is excellent, going back to VL Rojo Designer 10/9. A sire whose progeny spreads to the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Mexico.

We recommend “Apache” on medium to large frame cows that need improvement in muscle and conformation. +VL Rojo Apache 1/50 is a must use sire due to his phenotype, pedigree, performance profile and international appeal. There is no doubt that this sire will be a legend in the Red Brahman breed.


  • Sire of both International and National Champion Get of Sire
  • Sire of the 2017 International Grand Champion Red Female
  • A Performance Sire charting in the Top 1/3 of the breed for the economically relevant traits of WW, YW, Milk, Scrotal Circumference, REA, Marbling & Docility!

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+BB Mr Sting-Ray 10/0
Sire: KC Apache 707/4
+JDH Karu Manso 800
VL Rojo Designer 10/9
Dam: VL Elena 12/4
VL Elena 30/0
Registration # 903119
DOB 6/15/11
Owner Santa Elena Ranch
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2500 lbs1.519.130.75.6

Dam: VL Elena 12/4

Daughter: VL Elena 4/165Daughter: VL Elena 4/165

2016 Fort Worth Stock Show Grand Champion & Intermediate Champion Red Female

National Champion Get of SireNational Champion Get of Sire

2015 Brazos Valley Fair and Expo