Santa Elena Ranch

American Red Brahmans That Excel In Production
Alfredo & Josephina Muskus
Madisonville, Texas USA

Established in 1959Santa Elena Ranch

F1 Program

F1The Santa Elena F1 program has become an important addition to the registered Brahman herd, especially in recent times when high-quality replacement females are in demand. Alfredo and Josefina recognize their cattle must work for all segments of the industry, and that is why quality and beefiness are strongly emphasized as selection criteria.

The F1 female is highly regarded because of her “heterosis”, or hybrid vigor. This trait is achieved by crossing two different species, such as a Bos taurus with a Bos indicus. The Brahman naturally produces an exceptional first-cross with Bos Taurus species. The most desirable traits in each species is exemplified with such a cross, making the resulting F1 a superior offspring. The heightened Brahman traits are increased heat and disease tolerance, bred-in environmental adaptability, higher milk production, higher fertility, and increased maternal and carcass traits. These F1 females are also known to produce offspring well into 14 years of age or even longer.

F1Because of these traits, the Brahman F1 female earned her title at the “Queen of Cow Country”. Her longevity and productivity makes her highly sought after in the commercial cattle industry as replacement females.

The American Brahman Breeders Association created the ABBA F1 Certification Program in 1979 in order to verify the parentage of the F1 female, which gives buyers more confidence in F1 cattle. The exceptional first cross of two different species is even greater when those animals are registered and of known genetics.

Why-Red-BrahmanOur F1 cattle at Santa Elena Ranch are produced by crossing our top-quality registered red Brahman bulls with registered Angus, Simmental, or Hereford cows. With both parents registered, this qualifies their F1 offspring as ABBA Golden Certified. The female offspring are of the highest quality replacement female, and the F1 steers are fed out in the Texas Panhandle with excellent results in weight per day of age gain and carcass quality.

We also produce genetics from Jersey and red Holstein crosses to be used in our extensive embryo program. These crosses have higher milk production and increased maternal characteristics.

We have made a name for ourselves in the registered Brahman industry, and that same drive and dedication carries over to our F1 program, where we know the importance of producing beef cattle. When you want to have confidence in the F1 cattle you purchase, come to Santa Elena Ranch where you can be sure the cattle are of the best known and productive genetics.