Santa Elena Ranch

American Red Brahmans That Excel In Production
Alfredo & Josephina Muskus
Madisonville, Texas USA

Established in 1959Santa Elena Ranch

VL Elena 40/5

VL Elena 40/5 is the daughter of +VL Rojo Grande 3/180 the 1995 International Grand Champion Bull. VL Elena 40/5 is one of Santa Elena’s most exemplary donors. Her dam VL Elena 7/140 was a top producer during her time and left the ranch several valuable females for our breeding program. VL Elena 40/5 is extreme in her heaviness of bone, foot size, and has a world of rib shape and capacity.

+Sophisticated Millionair
+VL Rojo Grande 0/170
+VL Elena 23/4
Sire: +VL Rojo Tinto 3/180
+Sophisticated Millionair
+VL Elena 0/180
+VL Elena88/7
+Sophisticated Millionair
VL Rojo Grande 4/95
+VL Elena 23/4
Dam: VL Elena 7/140
LS Colorado 15
VL Elena 29/5
VL Elena 4/112
Registration # 848986
DOB 6/1/05

Sire: VL Rojo Tinto 3/180